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Thanks to an extensive network of authorized service centers, our company provides an efficient search for contacts you need. In our company professionals work only for securing the fastest possible search of your desired phone number. Our clients are able to benefit from access to an extensive telephone base by contacting our telephone service. To access the information you are interested in, you need to make a few simple operations. More detailed instructions are presented on our website for obtaining information from our operators. All that you need, just keep the following step by step instructions.

Feel free to dial 800-288-2020, for AT&T U-Verse customer support, and have answers to all those problematic questions rising in your mind. 800-288-2020 is a AT&T U-Verse customer support hotline easily accessible to you round the clock 24/7. AT&T U-verse includes fiber optic technology to deliver better digital TV, faster Internet, and a smarter phone.

Build your own bundle now. So don't be shy and don't hesitate, just keep all your fears aside and call in order to speak or live chat with AT&T U-Verse technical or sales department with the shortest wait time.

AT&T U-Verse Customer Service


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We bring a shortest wait time phone number, 800-288-2020 for those who wish to quickly contact Customer Support of AT&T U-Verse. Our popular phone directory is not only the first choice for AT&T U-Verse customer service support but also for millions of many other businesses all over the planet Earth. So there should not be any obstacle preventing you from finding AT&T U-Verse contact information, AT&T U-Verse live support and speaking with customer service representative any time easily and quickly. AT&T U-Verse forum discussions, screenshots and videos are also available. Don't hesitate to visit the websites given below, in case you are having any queries regarding AT&T U-Verse online or live support and phone numbers with the shortest wait time.

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73 Reviews
Dolly January 08, 09:36 AM

Without service for hours. Network outage and cannot talk to a real person.

Christy November 14, 09:05 AM

How do I turn off the the writing on the bottom of the tv for deaf persons?

patricia November 02, 12:32 AM

I have been trying to call the uverse number 1800-288-2020 all afternoon -- but I guess a busy signal --- are you experiencing technical issues

Keith Lombardo
Keith Lombardo October 26, 12:11 AM

Att&t sucks!! We have had so many problems with both our phone,and internet since we had to change over to uverse. We have had numerous phone calls resulting in technicians coming out to our home and still problems. I am ready to cancel your services and go with another company. Very disappointed with your service!!

Tina Coppola
Tina Coppola October 11, 05:54 PM

The customer support during hurricane Matthew is, being routed to another country that has no idea what we're experiencing along the east coast of the United States. They are not helpful. Just full of I'm sorries & promises they're not fulfilling! Long wait times & I wasx asked not to call back & then another call said they would call me back with a local US phone number. We're being lied to. Brightside, direct & dish in my neighborhood is up & running. I had service during & after thev hurricane. It went out on Saturday & is still out! Please local U.S. rep call me & take care of this. I'm losing business without the internet! 3863143064 cell acct phone number 3864276837 1909 Bayview Dr New Smyrna Beach florida

Sandy Morris
Sandy Morris September 10, 04:36 AM

Your making it next to impossible to cancel my service. I'm currently on hold with my fourth attempt to cancel via landline.
Your service has hung up on me while holding for the last two hours and 43 minutes.

Sandy Morris
Sandy Morris September 10, 04:32 AM

Your horrible

Susan August 31, 06:24 PM

Please help. I need to chat

Thank you
Thank you August 31, 06:27 PM

Please I need to chat

William August 28, 09:56 PM

Att cares not about communication with the human marathon Att wants a race into economic failure as they knit and pick into the pockets of we who are having class disrupted and defined as weak and failing Att has communication abilities and power to offer clear words and it just remains a marketed economic story line

Pamela Toms
Pamela Toms August 07, 05:56 PM


Pamela Toms
Pamela Toms August 07, 05:55 PM

I need help logging on to my account to pause my bill

Lynnette July 22, 05:55 AM

This service is useless after 7pm CST. Although it claims to be helpful 24/7. I was unable to get in touch with a live operator for billing issues that could not be resolved online.

So true
So true August 14, 08:10 PM

You are so true. They took a payment out of my account that was not authorized to be taken kept calling them before they close. Kept giving me the run around. Going to get out from them.

Marisa Barce
Marisa Barce July 17, 02:33 AM

Marisabarce can u pls check my wifi enternet f co noted.to my cmputer.once sign in wdthe password it wnt open.saying incrrect psswrd.what seems is the problem.it's :-( a week now that my cmputer wnt open.thank u. Marisabarce

Lilliam July 13, 10:46 PM

I am having cable and WiFi problem

Phillip June 29, 07:14 PM

June 29, 2016

Phone: 1-800-288-2020
Attn: Customer Service

On June 28, 2016 between 6:25PM and 7:00PM Eastern Daylight Time, I called customer service to ask for a review of my account. The phone was answered by Andre, who forwarded my call to customer service where a lady went over my account with me and revised my monthly billing statement. She was very helpful and before our conversation was ended, somehow we got disconnected. I waited for about five minutes and since no return call was received, I again called customer service and was advised that the lady I talked to earlier, would not be able to talk to me again, as I did not know her name. I would just like to thank her for her assistance and patience with me and if you could pass this on to her I would appreciate it very much. Thank You Phillip

Shaneta White
Shaneta White July 06, 09:07 PM

I been to call to get new service all number I call Say it's incorrect smh wow that's not good

William Smith III
William Smith III June 16, 02:18 AM

To whom it may concern!I am extremely upset with att, i have talked to customer support several times and wastold several times that my seriously bad cituation has been ajusted and fixed, well its no surprise that it wasnt handled like i was told by att customer care.So i have been charged for 3 individual accounts separately, and i have been charged for the upgraded direct tv,wich i only sighned up for basic package, months ago i talked with a so called customer support management and was told that my account s would be bundled,I received a bill for an amount of money that is way over what i was sold .so now after having great report with att .i have debt and being threatend with collection letters.Well i am going to forward my att invoices to Pam Bondie.I feel i have been scamed by the customer service reps, i called to have my accounts bundled and was told it was all bundled, so i am not paying for an att mistake you guys record the calls so fix the problem on your side as you agreed to for my payments and i will continue with your service if not, i will dispute all false charges on my bills with the attorney general for our state.Thank you for all the headaches,Upset in Fl. Will smith III 06/,15,/2016 5:17 pm

Gerald Rodgers
Gerald Rodgers June 13, 09:38 PM

I have received several phone calls about this offer as well as a letter. I have phone in to discuss it but only get a non-American ho I will not talk to because I don’t trust any non-Americans. I have also spent quite some time in online chats with ATT to no success.
My problem is that the bundle we have is ATT Land Line Phone; ATT DSL and Direct TV. That’s right no smiley face for either DSL or Direct TV. Many discussions an on line chats / no results.

Current Address is

Fallbrook, CA 92028

I was excited about the Uverse news because we were close to the first early adopters in the 92024 zip area. We told family and friends about the quality of Uverse Hi-Def TV and the speed of the internet. As one of the first we were told that we were grandfathered in and could take those with us when we moved if the area had fiber already in place. Un fortunately they weren’t complete when we relocated 20 mi north.

Yes we are aware that ATT bought Direct TV; which is the likely reason that your folks keep saying that Uverse TV isn’t available in 92028 zip area. That’s a policy decision not a technical reason which frustrates me even more. We have been loyal ATT customers all the way back when it was called Ma Bell prior to the forced break up by stupid gov. agencies. Now after all this time of being a dedicated customer, you are forcing us to evaluate other providers. Don’t forget the old motto: if you get greedy; you lose. In business, I have seen that happen too many times.

Gwen barone
Gwen barone June 06, 05:02 AM

Why isn't there a number I can
call to just ask a simple question?
All I wanted to know is are there
any outages in our area. Several
People on our street are having
trouble with our tv's going on and
off several times today.

Alfonso Valenzuela
Alfonso Valenzuela June 03, 09:37 AM

I need my Gourmet dígito pin number

Greg Hines
Greg Hines June 02, 08:38 PM

Why is my bill higher than is was supposed to be?

Xiang June 01, 09:22 AM

ATT Universe is totally a troll. Charge people crazily with their malfunctioning Internet. They can give any name for the reason to charge customer.

Melissa dunn
Melissa dunn June 01, 04:06 AM

Awful no help at all Call back what about me working to pay for a service that dose not work in my living room Really Awful

Toll free Directory
Toll free Directory May 30, 01:31 PM

Att phone numbers are available in the toll free directory, also if you have a comment about AT&T please leave the comment here:


Very Upset
Very Upset May 28, 09:42 AM


Vikki May 28, 04:33 AM

I can't wait to get out of my contract! Horrible customer service!!!
I was actually trying to order additional services but glad I got stuck with SEVERAL folks that couldn't understand me & I couldn't understand them!

John May 27, 08:30 PM

I will never deal with AT&T for anything ever again. I called to inquire about Internet service. I decided I didn't want it and the rep on the phone had the nerve to say. "I don't know why you called and wasted my time anyway." AT& T you got problems. I'm done with you. I cancelled my cell service with you because of your rate increases and billing practices. I'll never do business with you again. I hope others read this and the other pasts before they decide to do business with you.

Xiang June 01, 09:25 AM

Never touch ATT Uverse. They are evil

Dee May 23, 07:27 PM

Very FRUSTRATED! VERY POOR CUSTOMER SERVICE. I have been trying DESPERATELY to simply get my speed increased since April 30 (FROM 3mgb to 12mgb).
I have made countless calls. I am always transferred to various departments and always told the service has been completed only to find out once I hang up - - that nothing has been successfully done. I have talked to so many different departments.

Lon Bland
Lon Bland May 14, 04:06 AM

Do you have any idea how it feels to have on going problems with your service, then call the customer service department 800 #, only to get someone in a foreign country who doesn't speak proper English, and you have the pleasure of hearing other loud foreign conversation in the background of their call center, and your problem still doesn't get resolved and you just continue to get transferred to several voice prompts?!?!?!... I DO!!!!!... AT&T IS BY FAR THE WORK IN CUSTOMER SERVICE!!!!

A.T. August 21, 12:30 AM

You have "the right" to request an American representative if answered by rep in a foreign nation. THEY HAVE TO TRANSFER YOU TO THE US!!!!! Its law. They do mot want to and they may disconnect you, but they have to.

Ro May 01, 08:40 PM

Your customer service us the worst ever!!! Hosted having Yiyr service and intent to change after multiple times to get problem solved. Multiple technicians out to our home, days without Internet or TV service. You suck!

Worst Customer Service
Worst Customer Service April 30, 10:14 PM

AT&T has worst customer service.. I also posted in many sites like
but no one helping me

CAMI April 21, 07:46 PM

customer service.......the worse ever!!!!!!!!

Xiang June 01, 09:28 AM

Can't agree more

BAXTER March 30, 01:58 AM

hi I'm having problems with my Wi-Fi I used to get it in the garage and outside and now I'm not anymore again 302 Mesa Mesa Street Wheatland California can is there any way that you could check to see if there something wrong even the light on my modem is out I have to come into the living room to even get close to my Wi-Fi and this open that you help me out thank you

Keith gradowitz
Keith gradowitz March 29, 05:35 AM

I need help with a simple question. How do I delete recordings with my clicker?

Devin L..Curtis
Devin L..Curtis March 27, 09:59 PM

Hello I have a question I live in a motel and I brought a broadband with.the code on it how can i use it ....

paul segal
paul segal March 26, 02:08 AM

after determining problem with u-verse tv reception is a broadband issue, and needs to be resolved by repairman coming, we must wait for service depending on his schedule. 48 hours downtime; and we will miss march madness. will switch to comcast and get rid of these u-verse boxes

Greg Ralston
Greg Ralston March 23, 12:45 AM

Just bought a new flat screen TV to replace old one. Hooked it up but getting only one channel (metv). Need someone to come out for servicing and connecting to digital tv input. Best morning availability is Thursday morning. Thank you

n/a March 22, 11:58 PM

WORSE SERVICE EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

9327 July 06, 12:00 AM


Sharlyn nav
Sharlyn nav March 22, 04:31 AM

Worst customer service ever, can't even talk to a real person

Melvin March 19, 12:36 PM

Huh ? I have a 58.00 credit and they still took money out if my accout to pay my current bill. There is not one number to talk to a live rep after bussiness hours. Thier customer service sucks. Cox cable is easy to live chat or speak to someone 24/7. BIG MISTAKE SWIITCHING OVER TO AT&t from Cox Cable. Feel like shit noe

Laurel March 15, 07:55 AM

My internet service is awful at night...my download is 0.32 and my upload is 0.07
I am starting to wish I had TWC back again

Lacey Holloway
Lacey Holloway March 10, 05:20 PM

I received my direct TV as well as at&t services on February 10, 2016. I was guaranteed a $200.00 visa credit card in the mail within 2 weeks. As you can see it's been a month now and I would appreciate what I was promised! Feel free to email me at Chancey [email protected] or call me at 423-368-0060 to explain why I'm still waiting!!!
Thank you!
Lacey J. Holloway

Susan Paul
Susan Paul March 09, 10:19 PM

AT&T Customer Service is truly the worst service I have ever received. They leave a voicemail every day asking me to call this number to resolve an issue. After placing me on hold for 15-20 minutes, they can't figure out why the voicemail is being left and my options are to just continue to delete the voicemails or change my phone number. They say it is most likely a collection call for someone else that has my number in their system as a backup. They say I should be ok as my account is up to date but they cannot go in and figure out why this is happening? This is the third time I have attempted to resolve the issue. Prior customer service reps have just lied and said it was resolved before getting off the phone. She said it happens to her so I should just ignore it? I asked to be elevated to a manager and she said "Keith" would call me back but he was the one who told her those were my only options so don't expect a resolution.

Md Zabid ali
Md Zabid ali March 06, 05:09 PM

This uver his contact this my contact 9899911214

Larita Hardimon
Larita Hardimon March 04, 09:37 PM

Worse service ever!!! 😤😤 High bills and they want us to pay them 180.00 to get out of contract with them. Not to mention that we had only been with them for about 3 months. Every month our bill was over 200 dollars... Please tell me where we could drop off your equipment. Never will do business with you guys again.

Connie Elloitt
Connie Elloitt March 02, 12:16 AM

I need to speak to a customer rep.not a computer

Linda Gaddis
Linda Gaddis February 29, 10:47 PM

I spoke with the first person and said that my bill was cought up and should not reflect any negative charges and he would transfer me to someone who could take it off the next person I spoke to was rude and the manager was worse insulting me that I could not read my bill even though I had spoke with someone to clear up all my late charges and wrote down what that told me but the manager said that it doesn't matter what anyone representative says and only what your bill says so why would you even have them not to mention I have had multiple problems clearing my account to even pay my bill or even have good Internet at my house we can't even access any of are tablets there it is horrible services and customer service and yes I have had a tech support out and done over the phone

Alicia martinez
Alicia martinez February 29, 08:25 PM

I can't login to payaso my bill

Amy February 27, 10:32 PM

AT&T has got to be the worst service! Bad customer service and we're always having connection problems!

Bobby james
Bobby james February 26, 10:07 PM

Worse customer service ever,will be switching to Comcast after what I just expierenced, please send me where to turn in your equipment

Dalton Erwin
Dalton Erwin February 23, 02:55 AM

I signed up for U-Verse in Dec '15 to bundle in Direct TV and Internet to existing wireless acct. The whole purpose was to make things simple in taking care of my bill, everything at one time taken care of ...so I thought. Today my tv went off w/number to call, called it and found past due balance and interruption of service. For 2 hours I tried to find out what was going on, found out even though it showed uverse, I didn't have acres to their service where I live, answered why they haven.t hook it up yet, and that the Direct TV wasn't set up on my account, so Direct cut me off for never paying the couple months I had it even though ATT sends msg they pulled your acct.. Well, I have my Accra set up for direct pay so I don't have to be hassled with this kind of crap!! Now I find out that even though I went to a AtT store to do all this, they dropped the ball in every aspect of customer service...screwed up the billing, no Internet access in my area (when were they going to tell me that???) and now they say until I pay direct up to date, they can't do what they said they did when I bundled!!! Now, I got most this info from a great svc tech in WVa for Direct TV who went out of her way to find the problem and resolve it. ATT svc reps...well, after an avg wait of 18 min between live people at ATT, I was on phone over 2 hrs with NO help whatsoever. You talk for five minutes and after they ask you something so far off the wall, it's obvious they don't understand one thing you just said!!! So now my local ATT Store ( Durant, OK...just to warn those in this area) just flat out screwed the pooch on this and I'm left trying to iron it out with poorly trained svc reps from halfway around the world. If they would just DO what they say, I wouldn't have to be deLing with all these idiots ( except Miss WVa, thank you) and they will have one less idiot to deal with too...

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